Michael Morrow & The Culprits

Michael Morrow & The Culprits

MICHAEL MORROW & THE CULPRITS are a venerable band that have played the Colorado region since 2012. With 3 albums to boast, they deliver an undeniable classic rock sound mixing in timeless classics along with their own material. Michael's songwriting produces catchy hooks with the band delivering great harmonies and masterful leads from Craig Jahns. Tim Elliott, founder of Drumming Up Hope a non-profit charity, shines on the drums while solidifying the backup vocals. Steve Haywood, the recent addition on bass, hails from the UK bringing his years of experience as a vocalist and basswork. 


2013 Hard Rock Countryfied Blues

2015 Bad Penny

2017 Raucous


2014 Midnight (from the movie FAVOR)

2015 Dirty Little Love Song

2016 Rock and Roll Ain't Never Paid My Bills

2018 Our Darkest Hour

2018 Blue Skies