Cambridge, UK | Michael Morrow & The Culprits

(BST, UTC+01) (BST, UTC+01)

The Six Six, 170 East Road, Cambridge- CB1 1DB UK

Show #4 on the UK mini tour w/ The Last Vinci: The Last Vinci ( Ireland ) The Last Vinci is an Alternative Rock/Stoner band from Cork, Ireland, led by Alex Vinci, well known for his punishing low frequencies through a three amps set-up and his “give-all-you-have” energetic attitude, larger-than-life stage presence. "forty-four minutes’ worth of eclectic brilliance." 9/10 - Maximum Volume Music "The result is an album that oozes passion and credibility. A believable blast of energetic alternative rock with heavier detail and extensive, imaginative brilliance." 8.5/10 - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life "THE LAST VINCI have built upon their strengths and delivered a mature, intricate and impassioned album that will leave an indelible mark on you." 8/10 - Distorted Sound Magazine The band were on the road throughout 2022, selling out venues in Ireland and the UK (including a support tour with labelmates Bicurious) and promoting their sophomore album "The Revolution is Made Together". Released in March via Narrow Door Records and co-produced by acclaimed British producer Tom Peters, the album was supported by their fans through an incredible fundraising campaign in 2021. The trio led by Alex Vinci is now ready to bring their incendiary live show around Europe.